Any kind of cosmetic facial enhancement is an art form. Minor differences on the face can be made to give off a different first impression. Where a subtle change or minor tweak can make a person look more attractive and youthful, too dramatic of a change in one area can send the opposite message. Multiple treatments performed over time not only enhances the longevity of the overall results but also imperceptibly changes the face without making the client look over-done. By enhancing in a more subtle, less obvious way, we ensure that beauty is still the focus and not the intervention or procedure.

What makes beauty so universally appealing is that it serves as a subconscious communicator of health and vitality. When a cosmetic facial enhancement is made obvious and overt, it thrusts the beauty to the conscious level, and thereby diminishes its effects. Cosmetic facial enhancement such as any form of permanent makeup (including microblading) is best when it always looks natural and within the context of the person’s own face.