Case Studies for our cosmetic tattoo services

Jeannie changed my life. She performed the cosmetic tattoo equivalent of reconstructive surgery on my eyebrows two years ago. This woman is an absolute master at what she does, an incredible artist with an impeccable eye, deep knowledge, and the warmest, most reassuring bedside manner. If you are debating whether to get your eyebrows microbladed, or wondering who to go to, look no further than Jeannie. She is hands down the best in the business by far, and you will not find anyone who comes even close to matching her talent or who will give you more beautiful, natural looking eyebrows than Jeannie will. 
I’ve been pulling out my eyebrows for over 20 years due to a severe hair pulling disorder (trichotillomania) focused on my eyebrows, and often dig deep into the skin on my brows with needle nose tweezers to extract new hairs as they’re growing in under the surface. As a result, by the time I first heard about eyebrow microblading, I had almost no eyebrow hair left, and the skin on my brow area was very scarred, red, inflamed, and injured. I needed to put makeup on my eyebrows just to look normal; I didn’t feel I could leave my house even to get the mail without first putting on makeup and drawing on brows, because my eyebrows and skin were so badly damaged. I often didn’t even want to be at home without brow makeup, because I didn’t want to see my real brows in the mirror because it depressed me. Covering up the damage and drawing on brows took me at least half an hour every day, depending on how damaged my skin was from recent pulling, and many times if I wasn’t in the mood to put makeup on my brows, I didn’t leave the house at all.
Jeannie changed ALL of that for me. My eyebrows have gone from something I was constantly stressed about to something that’s so normal I don’t even think about it. I never thought I would have the ability to be carefree about my brows, to have a feeling of normalcy about them. Jeannie gave me my face back, and with it, so much confidence and relief. 
Once I decided to explore microblading as a solution to my damaged eyebrows, I knew I couldn’t go to just anyone. I knew that with no existing brows as a guide, and severely damaged and scarred skin, I needed someone who could create natural looking eyebrows for me from scratch. I needed an expert, someone with years of experience with cosmetic tattooing, who would have seen a situation like mine before, and would be able to handle it and do an excellent job. After a ton of research, I found Jeannie – and my life improved dramatically. 
What drew me to make a consultation with Jeannie was her vast portfolio of work online, her aesthetic, and the wealth of information she writes about on her website. I knew this was a professional who knew her stuff backward and forward, and I since could see the work she had done on others, I knew that her aesthetic for natural eyebrows aligned with mine. I didn’t want “Instagram eyebrows,” I just wanted a natural look restored. Jeannie’s special talent is that she has the most amazing eye for creating the most beautiful, natural brow for your face. 
I knew within seconds of meeting her in person that I trusted her with restoring my eyebrows, if she would take me on as a client. She is so knowledgeable and kind, and I felt completely comfortable taking off my eyebrow makeup in front of her, something I wasn’t comfortable doing with anyone but my mother. Jeannie was so patient discussing my special situation and needs, and asked incisive questions about my pulling history and habits, in order to assess whether her service was truly the best option for me. Jeannie is an expert who has been doing this for over 15 years, so she’s seen it all. And, she has integrity, is honest and direct, and has lot of pride in her work. Her honesty and gentle directness with me in assessing the state of my eyebrows at the consultation, and setting realistic expectations about procedure results, assured me that I could trust her. Ladies and gentlemen, this is what you want in someone who will be tattooing your face. This is not something you skimp on, or go to just anyone on. For something like this, you need Jeannie. 
At the consultation, Jeannie mixed a color for the tattoo that she felt would suit me, and painted it on my face to show me the shape that she thought suited me, and to give me a sense of what I could expect my brows to look like after the procedure. I was apprehensive about this part, because everyone else who had ever done my eyebrows in the past, like makeup artists, did a horrible job, and this was the real moment of truth when I would find out what she envisioned for me, and if it suited me. Well, of course it did, because it’s Jeannie! The color she picked and the shape she gave me were absolutely perfect for me on the first try. It wasn’t even microbladed yet, just sketched in, and I felt like I had the most beautifully shaped brows in the world. This is all because Jeannie’s sense of aesthetic and facial beauty is so spot on. She knows what will look best and most natural on each individuals’ face, but she’s also open to feedback and to working with you to find the perfect shape. 
When I went back for my actual microblading procedures, I had – impossibly – an even better experience. I walked out of each appointment with my eyebrows looking better than they’d ever looked in my life. They probably looked better than they would have if I’d had my natural hair. The hair strokes Jeannie made were so indistinguishable from real hair that I couldn’t even see where my real eyebrow hairs were growing in. I literally couldn’t pull out the new hairs because I couldn’t see where they were, because the brows Jeannie gave me were so natural and so perfectly suited for my face! 
My eyebrows used to be at the forefront of my mind all the time. If it rained, if I went swimming, if I sweat, I was worried about the makeup wiping off. Now, they’re not even something I think about because they are actually there, and they look good! Being able to wake up and go has been such a life changer for me, and it is all because of Jeannie and her impeccable quality of work. She gave me eyebrows. For the first time in my life, I like how I look right after I wash my face, without a stitch of makeup, and that is 100% because of the eyebrows she constructed for me, which look so natural and beautiful. Jeannie worked with me so closely and carefully, and put so much care and consideration into making my brows. 
Jeannie is a miracle worker, and there’s no one else I would ever trust with my face more than I trust her. I am happier because of Jeannie, and am forever grateful to her! 
Natalie T.

One surprisingly effective paramedical option for treating vitiligo is melanocyte restoration. While a camouflage pigment is tattooed into the areas of the skin affected by vitiligo, the needling of the skin itself may help restore proper functioning of its melanocytes to once again produce pigment.

Below is an example of a client who has received 2 treatments of melanocyte repigmentation needling after not getting any improvement from the XTRAC excimer laser.

This client’s vitiligo on his legs had not been responsive to a series of laser treatments. He then tried one session of skin needling to induce melanocyte restoration.  Just after one session the white areas that were treated started to change and gradually repigment. Subsequently after a second session the repigmentation continued. With continued treatment and diligence the vitiligo is on its way to completely disappearing.

In 2014 we wanted to commemorate having reached 10 years in business by offering a free eyebrow correction to a member of a local, underserved community. We asked candidates to submit their stories and were really enamored with the one from Maria, who was eventually selected as the recipient. Here’s her story…
Maria had previously received an eyebrow tattoo that she was not happy with. She found her previous experience, overall, was unprofessional.
The procedure took place in a garage. She was referred to the technician by a friend, but the results were very poor and unsightly. As her tattoo began to fade, her brows looked very unnatural with various colorations such as pinks, reds, and even a bit of orange. She received nasty looks and disparaging remarks from children about the way she looked. It ultimately left her feeling embarrassed and ashamed of her looks.
Over several sessions, we worked with Maria to correct the pigmentation, fill in the brows, and to create a brow shape that she can feel confidant with. After these treatments with Jeannie at JuvEssentials, Maria’s eyebrows looked 100% better. They were more full, the coloration looked more natural and Maria felt much more comfortable with her looks.
Working with JuvEssentials has changed my life completely. I’m getting compliments about my eyebrows. They look natural. Now I’m not ashamed of looking at someone. I’ve had a great experience with Jeannie. I recommend her to anyone who wants their eyebrows done.
Maria M.