Why You Should Try Fixing Your Brows With Eyebrow Microblading

Even people whose natural eyebrows look fantastic do not necessarily have perfect eyebrows, and yet many women seek to attain perfect-looking eyebrows. The vast majority of us end up doing one thing or another to our eyebrows, whether it be by applying brow makeup daily, waxing, threading or tweezing to shape the brows, or even having an eyebrow hair transplant. Monthly visits to the brow salon can end up costing hundreds of dollars every year. This does not even take into account all the time spent and the uncomfortable nature of the process. Fortunately, there is another solution: an eyebrow tattoo procedure popularly known as microblading.

By opting to have eyebrow microblading done, you will no longer have to rely on any eyebrow makeup if you want beautiful brows that will complement a clean, natural-looking face. If you’ve been one to draw in your eyebrows, chances are you may at some point have had an experience where they wound up uneven, too dark, got smeared off and ended up with little to nothing at the end of the day. It isn’t easy having to draw on eyebrows perfectly every day, and not getting them right can be incredibly frustrating, particularly when you’re in a rush. Microblading takes away all of these frustrations. The results of the treatment are semi-permanent. Yet, having the procedure done takes only a few hours over several sessions. During the process, tiny needles carry pigment into the surface of your skin and are made to resemble hair-like strokes. Beforehand and throughout the procedure, the area is numbed to ensure minimal discomfort. If you want to know if microblading may be right for you or not, read on.

1. It’s completely safe

Some people may be afraid of getting their eyebrows microbladed since it involves making incisions into the skin. However, microblading is completely safe when done by an experienced professional. While there will always be some risks involved, a professional will be able to asses what the skin can handle and supply the client with all necessary after care information in order to minimize any adverse reactions.

2. Any discomfort is minimal and brief

During the procedure, the eyebrow area is numbed using topical anesthetics. Remember this isn’t surgery, so no general anesthesia is used or is even necessary. The topical anesthetics are quite effective and should make the procedure quite tolerable. While pain sensitivity varies a great deal from one person to the next, most people can tolerate the procedure quite well and some can even manage to doze off during the procedure,

3. It’ll save you a lot of time

Fixing your eyebrows every single morning can be quite a hassle. Not only does the time add up over the months and years but the results can also vary from day-to-day. A lot of women spend at least half an hour at the mirror putting on their make-up. Almost fifteen minutes can be spent on eyebrows alone. If you have to be up early or you’re running late, you’d rather not spend precious minutes doing your brows. However, you also don’t want to have to leave the house with uneven brows. Wanting to enjoy another fifteen minutes of sleep every morning is a good reason to try microblading.

4. You’ll have consistent eyebrows

Eyebrows are an important facial feature. After all, they frame your eyes and give expression to your face. A minor change in the eyebrows can have a larger effect on the face, and having your brows done professionally shaped and colored in may result in a look that you may or may not like. When you go for microblading, however, the technician makes use of the natural eyebrow blueprint that you already have on your face. This ensures that you have the same consistent look every time you get the procedure done.

5. You’ll have real-looking eyebrows

Microblading will make it possible for you to enjoy beautiful, yet realistic-looking brows. If your eyebrows have suffered from hair loss due to any number of possible reasons, you may be a good candidate for microblading. This procedure will give you perfectly natural eyebrows that are not overdone as compared to brows made up using pencil or powder. Eyebrows are crucial when it comes to the harmony of the face and is one of the first features of your face that anyone will notice. With a set of beautiful, real-looking brows, you can make a great first impression every time you meet someone new.

6. It’ll give you years of peace of mind

The results of a microblading procedure are semi-permanent because all color fades. That being said, the exact duration between treatments will vary from person to person. Typically it can last up to three years under the best conditions. The semi-permanent nature is quite beneficial too. You can choose to have it maintained with touch ups if you want, or you can simply allow the color to fade away if you prefer your brows to revert to their own natural state.

7. It’ll save you money over the long run

Even though microblading is more expensive than an appointment for brow waxing and tinting or the cost of an eyebrow pencil or kit, when you compare that to going to the salon every few weeks, buying eyebrow filling products, as well as your time spent, it can add up to a whole lot more over the years. After a while it becomes clear that microblading is the more cost-effective option.

8. Your maintenance in between touch ups should be minimal if any

Once the process is complete and your brows are fully healed, there may be very little left for you to do to maintain your eyebrows. Because your brows’ shape will hold on its own removing any stray hairs should be simple and straightforward. The color will not smudge or wear off at the end of the day. You can swim, shower and sweat without worrying about your eyebrows. Chances are you will even forget that you had microblading done.


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