Why Eyebrows Should Not Be Completely Symmetric

Makeup artists get asked all the time if they can make their client’s brows look more even. As much as we are taught to think that symmetry is everything, some slight asymmetry is what’s normally found in untouched brows and therefore more natural looking than ones that are drawn on symmetrically.

Given that our bodies are not perfectly symmetrical by nature, it’s no surprise that your eyebrows aren’t either. There’s a familiar saying for eyebrows that goes, “They’re sisters, not twins!” In case you’re wondering why forward-thinking makeup artists keep from making their clients’ brows look perfectly symmetrical (even though they could), here are a few reasons:

We Are All Asymmetrical

We never notice our asymmetry, but it is true for all of us. We all have one side of our bodies that is somewhat stronger or more built out than the other. Facial features are often not in perfect alignment. Underlying those features are bands of muscles that are also not in perfect symmetry. This is why you may be able to raise one brow, but not the other. We don’t notice these things until something has changed.

Mirror Image

When you look in the mirror, you are seeing a flipped version of yourself. Therefore, the image that people see when they see you is completely different from how you see yourself in a mirror. It has been said that we have never seen a true image of ourselves. If we were completely symmetric, you wouldn’t even recognize yourself!

As much as we may want to balance our features out, we actually look better just slightly asymmetrical. We would not be as attractive if everything was exactly the same on both sides of our bodies and our faces. Some believe that a symmetrical face is the most beautiful, but an increasing number of people are actually beginning to understand how crucial asymmetry is for harmony.

They’re Sisters, Not Twins

Since you take notice of your eyebrows more after they have been shaped, drawn in and/or darkened, any asymmetry might become more noticeable. And yet if you were to get your brows done to look exactly the same, your eyebrows will look less natural and more contrived. Instead, a barely perceptible hint of asymmetry may be just what helps to look more harmonious. An experienced makeup artist will be able to gauge what looks best on your face individually. More often than not, brows tend to look better when they’re well shaped and filled in but not with an overly drawn-in look. 

You need to trust that they know what will look best on you. Make sure to find a qualified cosmetic tattoo artist with years of experience underneath their belt and not someone who has jumped onto the more recent microblading bandwagon. Having your brows tattooed or microbladed can drastically change your face, so it’s best to get them done right and by an experienced professional. Look for someone who will not try to make your brows look exactly the same, but rather an expert who will know what will best suit your face and how they can make you look like a better version of yourself.


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