The Importance of Having Healthy Skin For Cosmetic Tattooing

It’s no surprise that nice, smooth skin always provides a better canvas for applying makeup, enabling the skin to have a flawless-looking quality. By extension this also applies to cosmetic tattooing, so that the condition of your skin will affect the color, results, and duration of how long and how well your cosmetic tattoo lasts.

For this reason, taking good care of your skin will help you achieve optimal results for your cosmetic tattoos. This article will explain how your skin can have an impact on the outcome of your cosmetic tattooing and what you can do to improve your skin.

How Your Skin Condition Affects Cosmetic Tattooing

All healthy, uncompromised skin is suitable for cosmetic tattooing and there is no specific skin type makes it the best or only candidate. Contrary to popular belief, having oily skin or coarse-looking skin does not necessarily mean that it will not hold feathery strokes as well as normal to drier skin types or vice versa. Skin varies greatly even within the same individual and for the purposes of trying to determine suitability for a procedure such as microblading, it often defies the over-simplistic categorization into “normal/oily/dry or combination.” It is generally true, however, that for excessively oily skin accompanied by large pores (or skin that has the texture of orange peel) it’s not likely to hold fine, smooth strokes to mimic hair – or at least not for very long. It is also important to note that over time, tattooed or microbladed hair strokes in all skin types will look less defined as they gradually fade and lighten.

Because dry skin tends to not have visible pores, it can provide a canvas that’s more conducive in some respects to hair stroke tattooing. However if the skin is dry but also thin and weathered from age and accumulated sun damage, then it may also be challenging for the color to be successfully implanted. For these reasons among others the vast majority of people will need at least one or two follow up visits to achieve optimal desired results.

Aside from the eyebrows, the one crucial factor in determining the outcome of a lip tattoo is whether or not you are susceptible to cold sores or fever blisters. If so, you will need to be on antiviral medication to reduce the possibility of an outbreak as well as follow some simple nutritional and supplementation guidelines. A cold sore is a symptom of the herpes simplex virus and is not tied to any particular skin condition.

Clients who are not aware of how their skin can affect the color and quality of their tattoos might be dissatisfied with the outcome and blame their technician. However, now that you know how the condition of your skin can affect the result and longevity of your cosmetic tattoo, it’s never too late to start taking better care of your skin to make sure that it’s in the best condition for any microblading or other cosmetic tattooing procedure.

How to Care For Your Skin

The quality of your skin is determined by your lifestyle as much as your genes. So even if your skin is genetically prone to being oily and acneic, for example, your lifestyle factors (i.e., diet, adequate internal hydration, sleep habits, stress management, skin care regimen, etc.) can nevertheless play a larger role in determining how your skin looks and behaves. So much is within your own control. If you are a heavy drinker or smoker, it’s best to stop or cut back on these habits as they can not only damage your skin but also impede its healing process and affect the outcome of your tattoos. Avoiding excessive sun exposure and getting professional skin care treatments with an experienced esthetician also go a long way in the long-term preservation of your skin. Whatever is good for your health will also good for your skin.


The healthiest skin condition – whatever your skin type – will deliver you the best results when it comes to cosmetic tattooing. Taking good care of your skin will help you get the most out of your investment no matter what procedure you are doing.


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