Let’s talk lips.

The lips say so much about a person. Figuratively and literally. It’s the feature people look at when you’re talking. You want them concentrating on your content, not flaws in your lips. We can significantly reshape, add color and volume to your lips to give you a no-maintenance (more than low!) look. Wake up and go. Done.

Reasons why you’ll get a lip procedure at JuvEssentials:

  • You have thin lips
  • You want to add more volume and color
  • Your lips are asymmetrical
  • You have discoloration or uneven color in your lips
  • You’d like more definition in the lips
  • You’re tired of getting injectable fillers

The JuvEssentials Approach

Our lip tattooing method provides all the benefits that neither injectable fillers nor cosmetic lip color can do alone: healthy-looking color, a defined shape, and significant volume – and always with natural looking results that will last indefinitely.

As the collagen from your own lips become stimulated from the lip tattooing process, it permanently increases the lips’ definition and fullness. Seeing is believing.

Prices start at $1250

What the price covers

JuvEssentials Jeannie Sides Medical ReferralsWe support and partner with many medical professionals in the area and welcome referrals. We offer after post-surgery procedures (e.g., areola repigmentation after breast surgery, corrective to mask scarring, etc.).

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make your lips naturally bigger? How can I plump my thin lips naturally? How can I increase the size of my lips without fillers?

If by “naturally bigger” you mean by increasing the lip volume without resorting to fillers, then there are temporary options such as lip plumping cosmetics or more permanent solutions such as permanent lip tattooing. The advantage of a lip tattoo over any other option is that it can provide increased volume, color and the desired shape – all for a longer period of time. Thin lips can be plumped on its own with the process of a lip tattoo when the needles work to stimulate the lips to produce its own collagen. That extra collagen in the lips provides the increase in size or volume without the use of fillers.

Does Vaseline make your lips bigger?

Vaseline, Aquaphor, petroleum jelly, or any other synthetic or “all-natural” ointment or lip product is meant to hydrate and/or prevent transepidermal water loss which can lead to dry, cracked lips. Moist, hydrated lips have a smooth surface that can also have a plumping appearance.

Can your lips get bigger with age?

Usually it’s the opposite. The lips tend to lose volume and will look thinner because less collagen is being produced as one ages. In short, some sort of outside intervention will be needed if your desire is to get bigger lips, at no matter what age. However, the lips are also muscle and will respond accordingly to a good daily skin care regimen so regularly keeping them exfoliated and hydrated as well as having good circulation all go a long way in maintaining an optimal, healthy appearance.