An Eye for Permanent Eye Makeup

We’re all looking for time. Here you go! A low-maintenance, low-effort look that refunds you in time you didn’t have to spend putting on makeup each day. Permanent Cosmetic Makeup for your eyes will give you a rested, more youthful look and give them more pop. Your lashes will appear fuller and thicker, which really bring out your eyes. It’s amazing what a little color around the eye can do!

Reasons why you’ll get an eye procedure at JuvEssentials:

  • Lashes are too light in color
  • You don’t have time for or don’t like to put on makeup
  • You’re allergic to eye makeup
  • You want to add dimension, definition and/or contour to eyes
  • You want thicker and darker looking lashes

The JuvEssentials Approach

Our attention with precision and detail really shines during an eye procedure. We can contour your eyes with a precise, tapered eyeliner, do a lash enhancement that fills in the space with color that matches your eyelashes, or add a smokey, smudgy line – all but eliminating your daily eye makeup ritual.

Prices start at $800

What our price covers

JuvEssentials Jeannie Sides Medical ReferralsWe support and partner with many medical professionals in the area and welcome referrals. We offer after post-surgery procedures (e.g., areola repigmentation after breast surgery, corrective to mask scarring, etc.).

  • Before-Eyes
    Before Eyes After