So Small, Yet Such a Big Statement

The window to your soul deserves an impeccable frame, wouldn’t you say? The brow is typically the most neglected feature, but can make or break the entire look of your face. They enhance all other features when crafted impeccably. They add dimension. They subtract years off your age. They can make you look stronger, they can make you appear softer.

Reasons why you’ll get an eyebrow procedure at JuvEssentials:

  • You have misshapen brows
  • With age, your brow hairs have gone or lightened
  • With medical procedures, you’ve lost your brows
  • You would like a different shape than you have naturally

The JuvEssentials Approach

Just as not every hairstyle will be well-suited on everyone, not every eyebrow shape can fit well for everyone’s face. Allow us to show you what will complement you the best. Once you like the shape and color you see, we approach the eyebrow tattoo as an art form, crafting each hair and every detail with absolute precision. Clients leave looking instantaneously younger and more refreshed, with virtually no downtime.

Prices start at $950
What the price covers

JuvEssentials Jeannie Sides Medical ReferralsWe support and partner with many medical professionals in the area and welcome referrals. We offer after post-surgery procedures (e.g., areola repigmentation after breast surgery, corrective to mask scarring, etc.).

  • Before-Eyebrows
    Before Eyebrows After

Frequently Asked Questions

Does eyebrow Microblading hurt?

Is microblading painful? For some people who are extremely sensitive, microblading might be an uncomfortable experience no matter what precautions are taken. For example they may have a medical condition or previous procedure that predisposes them to hypersensitivity, they may be the minority of the population that does not respond to anesthetics, they may not be able to take oral any pain-relieving medication fo one reason or another. But luckily for most, a topical anesthetic applied before and during this relatively brief procedure is enough to keep any discomfort minimal. More so than experiencing any actual pain is the sense of fear and anxiety to the imagined pain that first-time client are the most about.

What is Microblading and how long does it last?

Microblading is a form of cosmetic eyebrow tattooing in which pigment is etched into the skin to form the appearance of eyebrow hairs. When this pigment is properly implanted into the skin, once it heals underneath the epidermis it does not wash off. But over time as the skin continues to grow out, the pigment gradually fades which typically happens over one to three years.

Which is better Microblading or tattooing eyebrows?

Microblading creates a more natural end result compared to eyebrow tattooing, which results in brows that appear drawn on and flat. … A good microblading technician can make treated areas look like a more dense version of the natural brow hair.

Do they shave your eyebrows before Microblading?

Shaving off ones eyebrows is a deliberate, personal choice for whatever reason (for example, the texture and/or growth pattern of the hairs are not conducive to the eyebrows that you would like to have), but it certainly is not a prerequisite for any kind of cosmetic eyebrow tattoo including microblading. Removing the existing eyebrows will provide nothing to work with, and more often than not, any existing eyebrows is more helpful than nothing when trying to creating full, natural-looking eyebrows.

Is Microblading worth getting?

Most people who seek out microblading for their eyebrows are very happy they did it because it saves them the daily time and effort of drawing in their eyebrows, which always look great 24/7 for a year or more. Such clients also understand that they are making a commitment to periodic maintenance to freshen up their eyebrows whenever they begin to fade, and that this periodic upkeep is also worthwhile to them.

What are the negatives of Microblading?

Just like with any procedure, there may be risks and drawbacks to microblading ranging from unexpected complications, dissatisfaction with the healed results, dissatisfaction with the work after a number of years and the client needs have changed, and having to maintain the work at an additional expense in order to keep up with the changes in the skin.

Do you still need to pluck or tweeze the eyebrows after Microblading?

As microblading does not affect hair growth, it will not stop or prevent your eyebrow hairs from continuing to grow and fall out over each hair’s normal growth cycle. If you have a history of stray hairs along the eyelid or between the eyebrows that you normally groom, then you might find yourself wanting to do so if those hairs bother you long after the rest of your eyebrows have been microbladed.

Does Microblading ruin your natural eyebrows?

It’s highly unlikely for a microblading procedure to ruin one’s natural eyebrows. Such a scenario would require either damage to or the destruction of the hair follicle such as from lasers or electrolysis, or damage to the hair shaft by mechanical or chemical means (such as with an eyelash perm or eyelash extentions). It is more likely to have one’s own eyebrows “ruined” say, when the result of the microblading winds up completely reshaping the original eyebrows in a way that a client does not feel is a good fit for their face. Moreover, it is possible that improperly performed, repeated procedures over time can damage and scar the skin of the eyebrows

Why do eyebrows disappear after Microblading?

There is a period of time during the healing process when the results which first appeared so dark and intense in the days immediately following the procedure may now all of a sudden look like they’re hardly there. This is a result of the excess pigment having exfoliated after the initial healing phase leaving what’s left that’s managed to stay implanted in the dermis. After a few weeks the pigment should appear somewhat darker again as the pigment settles and ultimately heals more closely to the surface of the skin just underneath the epidermis. Should the hairs created during the microblading procedure disappear altogether, then it’s likely that the client’s skin is not suitable for microblading and that a different cosmetic tattooing technique needs to be considered.

Who is a good candidate for Microblading?

It’s not always easy to determine which type of skin will automatically be suitable for microblading. Some clients who have thick, oily skin hold micro bladed hairstrokes beautifully while others with thin, dry skin don’t take to it as well as they do with a powder brow tattoo. Instead, a client’s health history that affects their skin health, history of previous procedures, age, and lifestyle factors combined are far better predictors of being a good candidate for microblading than skin type alone. Aside of these considerations, anyone with good, healthy skin of any age who wants fuller-looking, well shaped, and natural looking eyebrows will generally be a good candidate for microblading.