Corrective & Tattoo Removal


Corrective & Natural Tattoo Removal Solution

Unlike laser tattoo removal, our tattoo removal process is less painful and less expensive – often with 50-70% fewer treatments needed. While there are other non-laser methods available, this unique professional treatment is almost identical to the tattoo-over process and is all natural and non-toxic (no acids are involved).

Are you looking to remove a tattoo for any of the following reasons?

  • To correct flawed artistic or cosmetic tattoos
  • To remove the name of a former lover
  • Those joining the military and need to remove visible tattoos
  • You want to change or update your look from when you were younger
  • It’s located on the face, neck or other highly visible area and now you need to look more professional for work

If you have any permanent makeup that you now regret, we can lighten, correct or at least improve just about anything. We’re always up for a good challenge.

Other Methods

Have you been looking into existing solutions for tattoo removal such as acids, laser, dermabrasion and surgical excision? All these methods vary in their rates of success while carrying numerous disadvantages that range from high cost, extreme discomfort, extended downtime, and the risk of scarring and noticeable skin discoloration.

The JuvEssentials Approach

We’re able to lighten and eventually remove virtually any unwanted cosmetic tattoo by using our tried-and-true removal solutions. These solutions safely work to quickly draw out the unwanted color for a proven, all-natural, cost-effective option for removing old tattoo ink. If desired, we can then re-do the cosmetic tattoo to what you were hoping for originally –  all with less discomfort than you may have previously experienced.

Prices start at $350 per session, depending on size and complexity.
What the price covers

JuvEssentials Jeannie Sides Medical ReferralsWe support and partner with many medical professionals in the area and welcome referrals. We offer after post-surgery procedures (e.g., areola repigmentation after breast surgery, corrective to mask scarring, etc.).

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