Camouflage Your Way to a Confident New You

Erase that feeling of insecurity from a scar or loss of pigment on your skin in just a few visits. From helping with alopecia to vitiligo, camouflage tattooing may be the solution for what concerns you.

Reasons why you’ll get a Camouflage Tattoo procedure at JuvEssentials:

  • Areola Tattooing/Re-pigmentation – e.g., for clients after breast reconstruction
  • Camouflage a scar – e.g., for clients with scars from surgery or accidents
  • Facial asymmetries – e.g., for clients with asymmetrical features
  • Hair loss – e.g., for clients with alopecia or have scars from hair transplants
  • Correcting another permanent makeup procedure – e.g., fixing something done elsewhere
  • Skin depigmentation – e.g., vitiligo, discoloration and/or hypo-pigmentation

The JuvEssentials Approach

We use reliable, non-allergenic pigments to ensure the perfect color for your skin. Our goal is to mask and camouflage your trouble spot so you can get on with your life and redirect your energy to more important things.

Prices start at $350

What the price covers

JuvEssentials Jeannie Sides Medical ReferralsWe support and partner with many medical professionals in the area and welcome referrals. We offer after post-surgery procedures (e.g., areola repigmentation after breast surgery, corrective to mask scarring, etc.).

  • Before-Camouflage
    Before Camouflage After