Your contact information will only be used to confirm, remind and notify you with information concerning an appointment. All registration information is kept completely confidential on the secure site of the online scheduling system and will never be released to any third party.

Pricing and What The Fees Cover

Quotes for a cosmetic tattooing procedure can only be accurately provided after an in-depth, in-person consultation as it varies for each individual depending on the specific work required to achieve the desired results. Prices for scar or discoloration camouflage depends upon the size of the area and start at a minimum of $375 per area per session; areola tattooing with or without scar camouflaging starts at $800 per session. Tattoo and permanent makeup removal (for unwanted existing brow, eyeliner or lip color tattoos) depend upon the size of the area and intricacy of the tattoo and start at a minimum of $375 per session. Prices for any permanent makeup procedure involving the eyebrows and eyes start at a minimum of $950, and lips start at $1250. All procedures include:

  • a complete medical history review
  • face shape and feature analysis
  • custom makeup design process
  • color selection and custom blending of pigments
  • medical grade topical anesthetics (before and during the procedures)
  • all new and disposable sterile needles and supplies
  • written aftercare instructions and any necessary supplies
  • a follow up visit to ensure satisfaction and measurable results when specified (see below)

Touchup and Follow Up Visit Policies and Fees

The total fee provided for your cosmetic tattoo procedure includes a specified number of follow up visits within a specified time frame based on the desired results agreed to during the first visit. For your convenience, the fee can be broken up and paid at each session. Additional follow up fees are charged for visits that may be needed if the included follow ups have not taken place within the recommended length of time due to the time-sensitive process of these procedures.

Any requests made later outside of the original scope of work that involve substantial augmentation or other course change to the size, shape, thickness and/or color intensity will require additional work and incur additional touch up fees.

Once a JuvEssentials client, after the first year touch up fees start at a minimum of $375 per session for eyebrows, $475 for eyes (upper or lower), and $550 for lips, depending on how much everything has faded. Please keep in mind that if it’s been a while and there’s not much of the original color left, it’s likely that a few sessions may be needed to get back on track. Likewise if a touch up has since been done elsewhere that now requires some degree of correction. Touch up fees on my original work will always be less than current pricing for new work as a thank you for returning clients; they do not apply to new clients who come in with previous work done elsewhere.


Payment will be taken at the time of your service. Cash, checks, and all major credit cards including Apple Pay is gladly accepted. Only consultation appointments are charged upon booking and will be applied to the cost of the procedure.

Cancellations, Missed Appointments, and Late-Arrivals

At least 48 hours is kindly requested for making any changes to your appointment in order to have sufficient time to fill the vacancy. In the event that an appointment cancelled or rescheduled with less than 48 hours notice can be still filled with someone off the wait list, the cancellation fee (50% of the minimum cost of the service) will be waived.

If you are significantly late for an appointment and your procedure needs to be rescheduled to another day because the lost time cannot be easily made up and be given the same quality of work without running into someone else’s appointment, your deposit will not be applied to your new appointment. However, please CALL AND LET ME KNOW IF YOU EXPECT TO BE RUNNING LATE BECAUSE I WILL DO MY BEST TO SEE IF I CAN SWITCH YOUR APPOINTMENT WITH A LATER ONE.

Everyone’s time is valuable and my schedule usually has a wait list, so I appreciate everyone’s courtesy to myself and other clients.

Refunds and Returns

The nature of permanent cosmetic tattooing is a multi-session procedure that requires more than one visit to achieve the desired shape and color in most cases and is particularly true for any corrective work as well as complete tattoo removal. The results of any cosmetic procedure, including but not limited to permanent cosmetics and complete tattoo removal, cannot be guaranteed due to the unique and unpredictable nature of each person’s body, skin and temperament. As such, there are no refunds for any work that has already been done should the client choose for any reason to forgo additional sessions that may be needed to achieve the desired results.

Unopened products are accepted within 7 days for a full refund or within 14 days for credit or exchange.

We reserve the right to respectfully decline service to anyone.


The San Francisco Department of Public Health requires all clients to be seen by appointment only and no walk-ins are allowed.

Visitors and Children

CDC-OSHA guidelines does not allow observers including spouses, family, or friends in the procedure room during the tattooing process. If social distancing requirement are in effect for the region, clients are requested to come to their appointments alone unless it is necessary to be accompanied by a caregiver. California law prohibits the tattooing of persons under age 18, and minors are not allowed in the procedure room. The facility is not equipped to accommodate young children, so child care arrangements should be made prior to all appointments.

Fees and policies are subject to change without notice.

I take great pride in my work which will show in your results and your satisfaction.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you!