How to Choose the Perfect Lip Tattoo Color For Your Skin Tone

There is no denying that some lip colors work on certain skin tones and not on others. The colors that work for your skin tone and complexion may not look the best on other people. Your complexion will largely determine your personal preference in a lip color, be it one that is predominantly mauve, pink, orange, brown or red.

But if you are planning to get a lip tattoo, it is important to understand how the undertones in your lips will affect the pigment color that you choose. Everyone has natural blue undertones in their lips, but some have stronger blue undertones than others. In general, caucasian skin has more pale and rosy undertones. Asian and hispanic skin have more blue undertones while brown skin has more brown and blue undertones. To get a desired pink color the blue or brown undertones need to be counteracted with a color that appears have an orange cast to it.

As there are a wide array of colors for lip tattoos to choose from, it can be very helpful to narrow down your color choices to the ones that will work for best for you. Here are some lip color recommendations to help you choose the right shade for your skin tone:

Mauve/pink colors are great for pale, ruddy, and rosy complexions where there is a lot of warmth present.

Orange/pink colors are best on Asian and Hispanic skin types with blue undertone who like warm colors.

Brown/pink colors are great for those who do not normally wear bright lip colors, but like a more nude, earthy look. However if you already have a lot of brown or a strong blue undertone, your lips can turn these colors browner and darker, so you should opt for color in the orange/pink range to compensate.

Even though red/pink colors can look great on all skin types, they can turn mauve or purple if the lips have a strong blue undertone. They work best on pale lips and will heal to a soft, natural pink.

Finally if your lips are brown and/or have a natural dark brown lip line and yet you are looking to attain a soft pink lip color with a lip tattoo, then first your lips needs to be primed with a special pigment to lighten the lips just as you would use a foundation as a base layer to lighten the lips before applying conventional lip color. Otherwise the color that you desire will never be able to cover the natural dark pigment in your lips will always overwhelm any pigment that is lighter.

The Takeaway

A consultation with your permanent makeup artist who can help you choose the perfect lip pigmentation color be not be as simple as trying to match your favorite shade of lip color, but it is important to communicate what you are looking to achieve so that they can work on how to work towards that for you. Performing a lip tattoo over at least 2-3 sessions will yield the best results as layering the color will help the pigment last much longer. Each subsequent session in a lip tattoo also continues to further define and increase volume to the lips.


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