From “Microblading” to “Ombre”

As with the dictionary people at Merriam Webster’s, it can take some of us a little while to officially recognize the ubiquity of certain terms from the latest vernacular.  Just like the term “microblading” has come to be commonly accepted as a popular method of tattooing simulated hairs for  eyebrows over the past few years, quickly following suit is the newer term “ombre” (from the french meaning “shading”) to indicate another Instagram-genic take on eyebrow tattooing. From what I can tell from a search for “ombre eyebrows,” they are an airbrush-perfect-looking variation of the traditional powdered method of filling in eyebrows.  The key features of the “ombre” look encompasses a gradient effect that starts the brow with diffuse color that gradually intensifies in value until it reaches an apex starting from about midway towards the arch (and there is always an arch) before continuing for the rest of the brow, which tapers into a point.  Roughly 75% of the brows appears sharply defined, including all along the lower line. As strikingly beautiful as this type of eyebrow is – this look certainly has its place on genetically-gifted faces that grace the red carpet –  it does not make for a realistic-looking eyebrow when the rest of the face is not equally perfectly made up.  Subtler variations on the “ombre brow” can, however, be nicely achieved with the powder-fill method for brow tattooing. Please check out the gallery for some examples.


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