Eyebrows and microblading

 “Microblading” is a popularly coined term that refers to a cosmetic tattooing technique that is used to create simulated hairstrokes for the eyebrows. It is also synonymous with other creative marketing terms surrounding the eyebrow craze such as “eyebrow feathering,” “3D eyebrows,” “eyebrow microstroking,”  and “eyebrow embroidery.”

The name “microblade” refers to the name of a type of manual tool used for the microblading technique. But since there are no actual blades in the tool, the term can be misleading. It is also misleading to say that “microblading” is different from tattooing and therefore is not permanent, invasive, and or subject to local business regulations. Implanting color into the dermal layer of the skin by any means makes it a tattoo process, and the color is considered permanent if it cannot be washed off even if it will always be subject to fading. However, microbladed eyebrow tattoos that consist of only fine hair strokes are in de facto semi-permanent because such fine lines can only be created with a limited amount of color and the less color there is, the more quickly the skin will shed the color as it undergoes its constant daily cellular turnover.

Permanent cosmetic tattooing of hair strokes for eyebrows has been around for years, and can be achieved by using either a grouping of needles attached to a machine or with those same grouping of needles attached to a simple manually-powered tool. Regardless of what kind of device is used, the quality of the work depends on the skill of the technician. Moreover, the healed results also greatly depend on whether the client’s skin is suitable for the using the “microblading” technique. Depending on the client’s skin type, an experienced technician who is well versed in all aspects of cosmetic tattooing and not just someone who has had a couple of days training in “microblading” will be able to draw upon a variety of different techniques to create the most natural-looking new eyebrows that’s most suitable for that skin.


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