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Lip permanent makeup artist Jeannie Sides, cosmetic lip tattooing resulting in collagen production

Can I expect an eyeliner tattoo be a lot more uncomfortable than an eyebrow tattoo?

Actually, the opposite tends to be true for most of my clients, and this is probably due to the fact that because the skin on the eyelids is thinner it also numbs more easily. As for pain tolerance, this FAQ sums up for most people: Schedule a Consultation Today. Jeannie Sides, Owner/Practitioner at JuvEssentials is […]

Can Juvederm cause a problem for a lip tattoo?

Juvederm fillers have not been shown to pose problems for a lip tattoo. However, a lip tattoo may remove the need for Juvederm. Unlike a typical injectable filler, lip tattoos can stimulate the creation of your lips’ own natural collagen and give them a fuller appearance – permanently. Schedule a Consultation Today. Jeannie Sides, Owner/Practitioner […]

Before and After Care Do’s & Don’t’s: Here’s What You Really Need To Know

Each different permanent makeup technician may have his or her own set of before and after care instructions. As a client it is your responsibility to follow the instructions that you have been given for optimal results. The following is a common list of before and after care instructions from all across the internet that include those […]

How is the tattoo removal solution applied? Is the skin punctured or is the solution applied topically?

The tattoo removal solution is tattooed into the skin in order to effectively come into contact with the unwanted ink. Once that occurs, the tattoo removal solution is able to bind to the unwanted ink and draw it out of the skin in a chemical extraction process. For this reason, acid peels, retinoids, or any […]

Coming to SF for a visit – can i get my brows done in one day?

Quite a few of my clients travel from outside the Bay Area to see me, however please keep in mind that cosmetic tattooing is usually a multi-session procedure (unless you’re going for a solid fill, which I don’t do), so depending on the state of your brows and the results you’re looking to achieve, you should […]

Does wearing contact lenses impact the recovery of an eyeliner tattoo?

Contact lenses themselves should not impact the recovery of an eyeliner tattoo. However if you are a contact lens wearer it is advised to switch to eyeglasses for the first day or two if your eyes are still sensitive from the procedure. If they feel okay and you have no other alternatives other than contacts, […]

How Is A Corrective Tattoo Procedure Performed?

Several saline-based solutions are available to remove unwanted body art tattoos and permanent makeup. If pigment removal is not necessary, we can correct the existing tattoo using special corrective pigments and tattooing techniques. A corrective color is first implanted over the faded makeup to “neutralize” the unnatural shade, such as blue, orange, or pink. Usually […]

Does Tattoo Removal Cause Scarring?

Does Tattoo Removal Cause Scarring? Although any type of permanent makeup or tattoo removal can cause some skin color changes or scarring, the non-laser tattoo removal method has a lower risk of creating scars. Usually the skin is reddish or pink for several months. This color gradually lightens as collagen rebuilds and the new skin […]

Can My Permanent Makeup Be Corrected?

Can permanent makeup be corrected? Fortunately in many cases, existing permanent makeup can be corrected or at least improved. We perform everything from color corrections and shape adjustments to tattoo removal and lightening on a regular basis. Should you have an undesirable brow, eyeliner or lip color we can remove and correct this issue with […]

Is it okay to get my eyebrows done while on antibiotics?

There is no way to know if antibiotics would affect a cosmetic tattoo except if a change in body chemistry affects how your skin takes color. But more importantly, it’s important to know what you’re on antibiotics for; the doctor who prescribed your antibiotics should know if there is any contraindication to having your brows tattooed. In the case […]

What’s the difference between permanent makeup and semi-permanent makeup?

Technically, permanent cosmetics procedures are considered permanent because the color is implanted into the upper reticular part of the dermal layer of the skin and cannot be washed off. However, as with any tattoo, fading can and often does occur, requiring periodic maintenance, color re-enhancement or color refreshing. Permanent makeup and permanent cosmetics are terms widely used […]

Can I get my permanent makeup cheaper?

Yes, and it’s not necessary to look far to find lower prices on permanent makeup. Shop around and you can also find daily deal sites such as Groupon that frequently feature businesses offering promotions on permanent makeup. The most important factor is that you are satisfied with your outcome for what you pay, and if you get […]

Can I get a permanent makeup tattoo if I’m pregnant or nursing?

Can I get a permanent makeup tattoo if I’m pregnant or nursing? Liability is basically the main reason why anyone performing any kind of even minimally invasive procedure would not want to work on a pregnant or nursing mother (and why in the U.S. OBGYNs tend to have the highest malpractice insurance out of any […]

Are you available for walk-in consultations?

Unfortunately I do not have availability to take walk-ins as my schedule gets booked each day. To secure time with me I suggest that you simply book a consultation through my website (below) at your convenience to allow me to give you my undivided attention so I can best understand what you’re looking for.

How do you determine shape and color for eyebrows if there is no hair whatsoever?

For those clients who have little to no eyebrow hair to work with such as those with alopecia, I determine the shape and color by drawing on the eyebrows using the actual tattoo color to get a close approximation of the results of the tattooed brows prior to actually implanting in the color (which is done with […]

How many years have you been doing permanent makeup?

This, of course, is a great question to ask of anyone who will be performing a personal service that can potentially have a lasting impact on your appearance. It’s good to keep in mind that the answer may not be wholly dependent on a particular length of time, say 10 or 20 years, because that may not necessarily […]

How long does an eyeliner tattoo last and will the color turn blue?

In general, the eyeliner tattoos lasts from about one to five years and can be enhanced and refreshed by a touch up visit when needed. A lash enhancement or lash fill that presents a more natural-looking eye will have a shorter longevity than a heavier and more obvious eyeliner. Either way, the results are considered permanent […]

Can we do my brows right after a consultation?

Possibly, but only if there isn’t another appointment waiting. If you know that you would like to have your eyebrows done without haste please schedule for New Client Tattoo Work and not Consultation. Only an appointment made for New Client Tattoo Work guarantees enough time for the tattoo work. Also, there is no need to have a separate consultation – […]

Will eyebrow tattooing work for someone who has trichotillomania?

Trichotillomania is defined as an obsessive-compulsive related disorder that causes people to pull out hair from various parts of their body, resulting in noticeable bald patches. While medications and cognitive-behavior therapy are commonly prescribed to address this disorder, such treatments may not work for everyone. In my experience, for people whose trichotillomania involves their eyebrows, getting the eyebrows tattooed not […]

I’ve had my (brows/eyes/lips/etc.) done before by someone else and am just looking to get a touch up. What do you charge for your touch ups?

Touch up fees for existing JuvEssentials clients can be found on the Policies and Fees page here: They do not apply to brand new clients who have already had previous work done elsewhere. This is because either so much of it has faded so that it’s not really just a simple touch up anymore or […]

Need to change an appointment you’ve made? Here’s how

Changing an existing appointment is as easy as when booking online, but how to do so may not be as readily apparent. So here’s what to do: Clients may manage their appointment from the “Manage my appointment” button on the bottom of their confirmation email. They may also choose to create a Customer Center account […]

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Does Vitamin E minimize scarring?

Skin-Care mythbusting! Vitamin E is an antioxidant and helps build skin, but there is no evidence that it does anything to help minimize scarring. There is even some research that suggests it may have a negative effect on scarring. (LS Baumann and J Spencer, The effects of topical vitamin E on the cosmetic appearance of […]

Will I need to shave off my eyebrows in order to get an eyebrow tattoo?

It’s not necessary to shave off your eyebrows! In fact, I prefer to work with any eyebrow hairs you have and use them as part of your new eyebrows as long as they’re not totally out of place (which I can help you determine and shape). 

Can you give me a quote for your eyebrow tattoo services?

Of course. That I can do that once I am able able to assess your eyebrows as it all depends on what you currently have and what you’d like to achieve with them. An in-depth, in-person consultation will allow me to draw in your eyebrows to determine the shape and color best suited to your […]

What technique do you use?

That’s a good question to ask, but however it’s answered is not nearly as important as the end results that you’re able to see from a technician’s before and after photos. I’ve had clients come in after having work done elsewhere where the technician said they were doing hairstrokes and the end result didn’t look that […]