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Are you available for walk-in consultations?

Unfortunately I do not have availability to take walk-ins as my schedule gets booked each day. To secure time with me I suggest that you simply book a consultation through my website (below) at your convenience to allow me to give you my undivided attention so I can best understand what you’re looking for.

How many years have you been doing permanent makeup?

This, of course, is a great question to ask of anyone who will be performing a personal service that can potentially have a lasting impact on your appearance. It’s good to keep in mind that the answer may not be wholly dependent on a particular length of time, say 10 or 20 years, because that may not necessarily […]

Can we do my brows right after a consultation?

Possibly, but only if there isn’t another appointment waiting. If you know that you would like to have your eyebrows done without haste please schedule for New Client Tattoo Work and not Consultation. Only an appointment made for New Client Tattoo Work guarantees enough time for the tattoo work. Also, there is no need to have a separate consultation – […]

Can you give me a quote for your eyebrow tattoo services?

Of course. That I can do that once I am able able to assess your eyebrows as it all depends on what you currently have and what you’d like to achieve with them. An in-depth, in-person consultation will allow me to draw in your eyebrows to determine the shape and color best suited to your […]

How do I choose the right technician?

Choosing the right technician depends on a number of factors that may be more important or less important for each client. The right technician for one client may not be the right technician for another. Therefore it’s always a good idea to shop around and do as much research as possible on any technician you […]

I’m nervous about the pain involved. How much will this hurt?

How Much Pain Will I Have? Pain tolerance varies for everyone, but rest assured that any areas to be worked on take quite well to topical numbing (lidocaine and tetracaine) for most people. Heavy duty prescription pain medication is definitely not necessary, however it is fine to take an OTC pain reliever/anti-inflammatory (like Motrin) prior […]