Can you camouflage dark undereye circles with a skin-colored tattoo?

Trying to camouflage dark circle under the eyes via cosmetic tattooing is not recommended. Dark circles under the eyes are a symptom of any number of wide-ranging issues,  from something temporary such as fatigue and allergies to something that is ongoing and irreversible such as heredity or thinning skin that is a normal part of aging. Trying to blend a camouflage color over the delicate skin beneath the eyes with anything other than a conventional under eye concealer is only likely to cause irritation and do little to mask any pigmentation irregularities.

Unfortunately there is no quick fix for dark under eye circles except to use an under eye concealer that blends well with your skin tone. In the meantime, getting sufficient sleep (but not too much), avoiding rubbing the eyes, getting any allergies under control, and protecting your face from sun exposure may help avert some of the most common avoidable factors.

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