A dark crust will start to form and harden over the affected area and remain on the skin for about 3 days to several weeks depending on the size and location of the tattoo being removed. Once the scab falls off, the pigment will be gone or its color will be lighter. The treated area will be reddish or pink for several months – and depending on the skin, possibly longer – from the new skin that has formed underneath the scab.

The more ink there is present, the more the tattoo removal solution will be working to draw it to the surface and eventually out of the skin (and this continues to last for days after your office visit). This may result in an increased temporary discomfort as you feel the pulling sensation of the ink being drawn out and also temporary swelling of the skin surrounding the area of the ink removal.

If there is still color that requires removal, subsequent visits are best scheduled anywhere from 4-8 weeks apart.