Strategically applied eyeliner can really lift the eyes and make them pop, but some people  may lack the steadiness, expertise and time to apply it properly. Some clients complain that they simply don’t have the ability to do their eyeliner well, or that their eyes are sensitive or allergic to makeup.  Semi-permanent top eyeliner is a fantastic way to ensure that you go from bed to ready in record time, without the risk of unevenness or smudging.

Do All Semi-Permanent Eyeliner Look the Same?

No. Just like regular eyeliner application, there are a range of techniques and tools which give a variety of results. There are 2 main types of semi-permanent top eyeliner-

Lashline Enhancement or Eyelash Enhancement

A lashline enhancement or eyelash enhancement (not to be confused with eyelash extensions) involves applying the pigment in the spaces between the eyelashes. This darkens the lash line giving a very subtle effect which makes the lashes appear thicker and fuller. A lashline enhancement is the most natural looking of all semi-permanent eyeliner styles. Generally less pigment is implanted, so the effects may not last quite as long as standard semi-permanent eyeliner.

Standard Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

With standard semi-permanent eyeliner, the spaces are still filled in between all the eyelashes but a more prominent line just above the eyelashes is also clearly visible. Some clients opt for a high definition line which resembles liquid eyeliner. Others may go for a smudged or winged look. After knowing the client’s desired result the technician can make more detailed suggestions based on the client’s eye anatomy.

Should You Get Semi-Permanent Eyeliner on the Lower Lid?

Clients who normally avoid using eyeliner beneath their eyes because it always tends to run or smudge easily no longer have to worry about that problem with semi-permanent eyeliner. A lower lash line enhancement is often beneficial because most people tend to have shorter, lighter, and generally more sparse lower eyelashes. For those lucky few who already have dark and heavy lower eyelashes then a smudgy lower eyeliner just takes the eyes to a whole new level – all without the worry of getting raccoon eyes.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

After the initial consultation, an eyeliner procedure should take about 60 minutes from start to finish. One follow up visit is expected for a lash line enhancement procedure while additional follow ups may be necessary for heavier eyeliner work.

How Do I Prepare for the Procedure?

If you are wearing eyelash extensions, they will need to be removed prior to any eyeliner tattooing. Contact lens wearers may want to remove their lenses before the procedure and should be prepared not to wear them for a day or two afterwards in case there may be lingering swelling or sensitivity. Normally you should still be fine to drive home.

If you use Latisse on your eyelashes it advised to stop application at least 4 weeks before any eyeliner tattooing as it can cause unnecessary bleeding.

How Painful is a Semi-Permanent Eyeliner Tattoo?

The eye area is numbed with a specially-formulated topical anesthetic so you should expect to feel very little discomfort either during or after the procedure. In fact, the lash line enhancement is oftentimes the most comfortable tattooing procedure to get because the eyelids tend to numb particularly well.

What Is the Recovery Like?

For the first 24 hours the eyes will feel tender and sore. Some swelling of the upper lids will also happen sometime in those first 24 hours and should only last a day or two (the heavier the eyeliner, the more swelling can be expected). The more pigment there is in the skin the more likely that there will be some excess color that will start to flake off in 4-5 days, which may also be accompanied by some temporary itching.

While the eyeliner tattoo is healing, it is important to not wear any eye makeup or soap or cleanser directly over the eye area. Swimming pools and saunas should also be avoided.

How Long Does Semi-Permanent Eyeliner Last?

Semi-permanent lash liner enhancement or eyeliner easily lasts from 1-5 years or more. The color will look its best for the first 12 months at least, and after this a touch-up will be needed to stay looking fresh.

Some lifestyle factors can cause the eyeliner to fade prematurely, such as prolonged sun exposure, the use of anti-aging eye creams, or exposure to harsh chemicals such as chlorine.

Before receiving permanent eyeliner tattoo
After receiving permanent eyeliner tattoo