With the Booksy appointment scheduling platform, instead of requiring a deposit or payment for the service upfront, only non-refundable consultations are charged upon booking. (Consultations have a nominal fee of $50 for one procedure and $75 for more than one procedure. Consultations offer a no-pressure and no-obligation opportunity to learn all the details of your procedure, get all your questions answered, and most importantly, see if it’s the right service for your needs. Furthermore, the fee is always applicable to the cost of the procedure so that the consultation is no cost to you once you get your procedure.)

Because Booksy does not take upfront deposits for service appointments, the platform requires valid credit card information to secure bookings. This is to help protect the service provider from the loss from no-shows or last-minute cancellations without charging the client with an upfront payment as a deposit.

Because there is no deposit that is charged for appointments made through the Booksy platform, there are no deposit charges to refund.

We acknowledge the value of time for both service providers and our clients. To discourage no-shows and late cancellations that cannot be filled, Booksy has implemented a fair and transparent charging policy. In the event of a no-show or a late cancellation, the client’s credit card will only be charged half of the posted minimum procedure fee. This not only compensates service providers for their time and resources but also encourages clients to adhere to the 48 hours cancellation policy that is posted when scheduling an appointment.

By charging only non-refundable fees for consultations and implementing fair policies for late cancellations and no-shows, JuvEssentials can offer the convenience of online scheduling 24/7 without having to charge deposits for services upfront.