Regardless of what happens to your credit card, banks typically always allow refunds to process because the card issuer and bank account remains the same. (Sometimes the bank may take up to 3 business days to process the refund so you may not see it in your account immediately.) So if your card was canceled but your account was not closed — perhaps because you lost the physical card or had fraudulent transactions that caused the issuer to send you a new card — then any refund can still be posted to your canceled card and the refund will appear on the account associated with your new card.

Remember, all your information associated with your credit card – the history of your charges, your credits, any balance, the age of the account, FICO score, etc. –  simply gets transferred to a new account number so that the history of your financial activity follows you throughout however many credit cards you go through due to loss, theft, or fraudulent activity. So even if you no longer have the same card that you used to put down the deposit to book your appointment, you will still receive the refund of the deposit to your new card’s account.

When we refund your deposit (which happens when you show up for your appointment, cancel an appointment with at least 48 hours notice, or cancel an appointment with less than 48 hours notice but the appointment was able to be filled on short notice), the money still goes back to your account even if you are no longer using the same credit card you used to make the appointment with.

In the event that you have since closed the bank account associated with the credit card you used to make the deposit, then any refunds/credits should still be held awaiting payment at the bank level. Contact your bank by calling the phone number on the back of your card.