As of Wednesday, March 3rd, 2021, San Francisco is allowed to resume most businesses and activities that are allowed by the State of California following the City’s assignment by the State to the Red Tier. This includes personal services that require mask removal so long as required safety protocols are followed (“the service is provided at least 6 feet away from others and preferably in a separate room” (check!) and “the service provider wears an N95 or other well-fitted mask” (I wear two!).

Now once again, lip tattoo treatments can be performed for those who are seeking to enhance the shape of their lips, achieve a natural looking color at all times, and restore the youthful fullness that gradually diminishes over time as the lips’ volume of collagen diminishes with age. Anyone with lips who can benefit from any or all of the above are welcome to come in and see what a transformative procedure this can be.

Here am I today on March 3rd, 2021, like most days when I’m not able to go into my office for work because of my 4th grader having to be home for remote schooling, there’s no motivation to even wash my face in the morning. (Why bother if I’m just going to wear a mask if I go outside?) But the prolonged shutdown last year did allow me time to do a touch up on my all my fading permanent makeup, including my lips.

Lip coloring in San Francisco, CA