Are you looking to remove a tattoo for any of the following reasons?

  • To correct flawed artistic or cosmetic tattoos
  • To remove the name of a former lover
  • To remove former a gang affiliation
  • You want to change or update your look from when you were younger
  • It’s located on the face, neck or other highly visible area and now you need to look more professional for work

Have you been looking into existing solutions for tattoo removal such as acids, laser, dermabrasion and surgical excision?

All these methods vary in their rates of success while carrying numerous disadvantages that range from high cost, extreme discomfort, extended downtime, and the risk of scarring and noticeable skin discoloration.

You may want to consider an all natural solution that effectively lightens up any existing tattoo so it’s easier to cover up or change. Coupled with our skin and cosmetic tattooing expertise, we’re able to lighten and eventually remove unwanted tattoos by applying a special saline formula into the skin that quickly draws out the unwanted color for a safe and cost-effective option for removing old tattoo ink. If desired, we can then re-tone the skin with flesh-colored pigments to closely match the surrounding area – and it’s all done under local anesthetic to minimize any discomfort.

What makes an all-natural formula a better alternative for removing and/or correcting tattoos:

  • Works on ALL COLORS of tattoo ink
  • Requires 50-70% LESS TREATMENTS than Laser Tattoo Removal
  • All Natural, NON TOXIC ingredients can be safely used on all skin, including outdated Permanent Makeup color
  • Far less painful and less potential for adverse reactions

Make an appointment for a consultation to get an understanding of the estimated time and cost of removing your tattoo.

before lip liner permanent makeup removal
lip liner permanent makeup removal