For removing permanent eyeliner tattoos I’ve been using a saline-based formula for over a decade which has proven to be safe and effective for the delicate eye area. While old tattoos tend to take more time to remove due to the fact that the longer the ink has been in the skin, the more embedded it is, how much ink is in the skin also factors into whether or not it can be completely removed. No matter how many years the ink has been in the skin, the likelihood that there is always some ink that can be removed is almost always guaranteed and seeing the removed ink is a most gratifying experience.

If you are like the many clients I see whose eyeliner has now turned some shade of blue, gray, green or other color, there are also ways to improve the eyeliner and refresh the color without having to completely remove the existing ink. The exception is when the existing eyeliner is too dark, heavy, thick, crooked or otherwise in the wrong place and cannot be corrected without removing the ink in the unwanted area(s).