After either 1 or 2 consecutive follow ups after the initial session, your cosmetic tattoo should look good for at least a year, and then the frequency of touch ups needed or desired thereafter will vary from person to person. Some peoples’ skin may retain color well while in others the color will fade more quickly. Timely follow up visits are another important factor to extending the longevity of a cosmetic tattoo.

Because my method of eyebrow tattooing consists exclusively of fine hair strokes, the results will look pretty realistic for a while but the trade off is that they are not going to last nearly as long as a solidly-filled brow.  Also, lighter colors and thinner brows can be expected to fade more quickly than darker and heavier-looking brows. A more subtle eyelash enhancement can similarly be expected to fade more quickly than a bold liner. Lips, however, seem to be the exception. The added volume that comes from the stimulation of the lips’ own new collagen if not also some of the original color seems to last indefinitely.