Given the popularity of eyelash extensions, it was only a matter of time until eyebrow extensions became a reality. And as with any type of extension involving hair, they look fantastic immediately after getting them. But then like a delicate cut flower out of water shedding its petals (because you can’t get your eyelash and brow extensions wet, never mind washing your face in the shower) the fake hairs start wiggling loose day by day until the whole thing needs to be replaced anew. Results typically last “anywhere from a few days to a few weeks” and on the high end can cost up to $250.

While an eyebrow tattoo (which includes “microblading”) still requires maintenance, because there are no fake hairs glued to your own hairs but instead involve fine hairstrokes of colored pigment implanted into the upper layer of the dermis, the procedure tends to be much longer lasting than hair extension as it takes time for the skin to shed and grow out, which still does happen 24/7. The cons to an eyebrow tattoo compared to an eyebrow extension is that it is an invasive procedure, more involved to remove if the client is completely unhappy with the results, and can cost far more than $250 on the high end. But if you can tolerate some brief physical discomfort, if  your time is worth the expense, you are happy with the results you receive (especially if they look better than what you can typically drawn in with makeup), and are fine with minimal yearly maintenance (as opposed to monthly maintenance), then in the long run an eyebrow tattoo will make more sense for you than getting eyebrow extensions.