Another very good question. Whether you want to call it an eyebrow tattoo or microblading, how long the work lasts depends mostly on your skin and lifestyle. What you pay for is an investment in how transformative yet natural-looking the work is for your face. Touchups on my work are priced starting at just $250 per session. The more ink there is in the skin generally speaking the longer that ink will last, although the color is always subject to fading. And while lighter colors typically fade faster than darker ones just like solidly drawn eyebrows can be expected to outlast those composed of finely drawn hairs because there’s so much more ink, that’s not always the case.

Above is an example of a very fair client whose eyebrows were virtually unchanged a year after since she completed her eyebrow procedure (before and after photos below).

Before cosmetic permanent tattoo services
After results of cosmetic permanent tattoo services