If someone could define exactly what “eyebrow embroidery” is then perhaps I could say whether or not I do it. It seems as though it’s a popular term that’s been appropriated by many a technician in the field of semi-permanent eyebrow makeup. Ditto for the term “microblading” and “feathering” (and countless other similarly fabricated terms that have yet to make it into Webster’s). These terms have so popularized the eyebrow beauty vernacular that clients routinely ask for these services by name. Unfortunately, I also get contacted by plenty of people who tell me they’ve just gotten their 3D embroidered, microbladed or feathered eyebrows and are displeased with the results. So maybe permanent eyebrow makeup (which is probably the umbrella term that encompasses all this new creative terminology) if done well is still superior to eyebrow embroidery that’s not done well.