CareCredit®️ is a credit card marketed towards people want assistance in the form of credit to pay for health care related services, particularly elective procedures. Providers see this as a way to deliver their services to a larger market (i.e., people who may not have the means to make such purchases otherwise).

Looking at the reviews on Credit Karma, it appears that this can be a useful short term credit tool for some but if not paid off responsibly, can have disastrous consequences – just like any other credit card. Other than a zero interest promotional offer for a limited amount of time, it’s unclear what the advantages are for using such a credit card over a regular credit card, assuming that the cardholder does not carry a balance.

Think of it this way, wouldn’t you be better off saving up to pay for an elective procedure (or a vacation, or any other must-have luxury item) outright so you do not have the debt and all the potential damage it may do to your credit if you are unable to pay off that debt?

Given that even high end cosmetic tattooing procedures do not come close to the price of some cosmetic dental or surgical procedures (and if it does then I would seriously question the quality of the medical care), financing a cosmetic tattoo through CareCredit®️ should not be a consideration. Either go to a provider with prices that you can afford or save up to see one who may initially charge more but whose work you can rest assured knowing that you won’t have to spend more to have corrected later on.

JuvEssentials accepts any VISA, MC, and Discover and is happy to offer a payment plan that spreads the cost of your procedure over the number of visits it takes to complete.