For anyone who has ever gotten an eyebrow tattoo (including by any other name such as microblading), it’s observable that the pigment will gradually fade over time. In some cases the fading seems to be either too quick or not so gradual, and in other cases the fading seems to entail a dramatic alteration in color, either fading warm and exposing pink or reddish undertones or by fading cool and exposing gray or blueish undertones.

Color fading is not unusual and can happen more readily under certain circumstances. Usually the undesirable undertone color can be taken care of with a refreshing of the brows using a more suitable color. If the objective is to do away with all traces of the faded brow tattoo altogether without adding any additional color for the brows, then the best option would be non-laser tattoo removal and/or neutralizing the faded undertones with a pigment corrector.

Brows that have faded warm are generally easier to correct than when the color turns ashy or cool. Depending on the placement of the faded eyebrow tattoo, a comprehensive correction may still require non-laser tattoo removal wherever there is incorrectly placed pigment that cannot be concealed prior to correcting any remaining discoloration.

A thorough understanding of a client’s individual situation and their objectives is essential to determining what the best plan of action would be.