I had surgery recently and now I have white patches where the scar is. Can you mask skin discoloration with permanent cosmetic tattooing?

We can most certainly improve the appearance of your skin and camouflage your depigmentation with permanent cosmetic tattooing. It’s a very common side-effect to surgery and we do a fair amount of camouflaging procedures to mask the discoloration at the site of the scar. It is best to wait a year after you notice the skin discoloration as the pigment does return to the skin on occasion.

Especially as the weather gets warmer, we want to shed those layers and you may be feeling insecure about doing so in public with depigmentation. A fairly quick and effortless visit to JuvEssentials will have you walking out the door with a renewed sense of confidence and leave you wondering why you hadn’t done it before!

before non-laser scar removal treatment
results of scar removal procedure