That depends on your brows and what needs to be removed. Whether it’s the whole eyebrow or just part of the brow, I can’t weigh in with an opinion until I see the situation. So while yes, it is possible to perform the removal on some parts of the brow and not others, as fine and precise the needles used in the procedure are, once the removal solution is in the skin you cannot necessarily control the exact results of the removal. The reason being is that once the pigment has healed in the skin it can be like a connected web. In tattoo removal, the removal solution works to draw out the pigment, so what gets drawn out may not be limited to exactly what you see on the surface of the skin. It’s not like using makeup remover on a Q-tip to erase something you just drew on your face with regular makeup. Also please keep in mind that any successful pigment removal will be accompanied by brand new skin underneath that looks reddish or pink for a while before eventually repigmenting back to your normal skin color. Removal of all the existing color is generally easier and less complicated than partial removal in certain areas, especially if there is an expectation of clean lines and absolute precision.