Reopening on September 14th, 2020

So happy to announce that JuvEssentials can finally reopen as of September 14th. Thank you so much for your patience and please bear with us as we navigate under strict new safety and limited capacity protocols.

Masks are now mandatory at all times for the technician and whenever possible for the client. The treatment rooms and any equipment that will be handled by either of us will be fully sterilized between each appointment and the windows in each treatment room will be kept partially open as long as the outside air quality permits. Whenever possible, each client will also have a room that has not been occupied by the previous client. Multiple HEPA air purifiers and UV sterilization throughout the office will also be running at all times.

Per the Department of Public Health, Covid screening questions will be sent out to clients in advance. A flexible cancellation policy applies in the event that a client is feeling unwell in the days leading up to a scheduled appointment so that anyone who is exhibiting any flu-like symptoms will gladly be rescheduled and to ensure that services are being conducted in the safest environment possible.

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