How swollen do the eyes get right after an eyeliner tattoo?

Before eyeliner tattoo
Before eyeliner tattoo
Eyeliner tattoo immediately after procedure
Eyeliner tattoo immediately after procedure
Healed eyeliner tattoo
Healed eyeliner tattoo after 1 session

Swelling of the eyelids from an eyeliner tattoo ranges from none at all to somewhat puffy depending on how thick and heavy the line on the upper lid. At most it will be minimal and you’ll look like you’re having allergies. No swelling is expected at all along the lower lash line.
For any lash line enhancement, there really isn’t much swelling to be expected. Post treatment instructions include using cold compresses over your eyes for the 1st day, which also works for any swelling. While you can expect your eyes to feel tender and scratchy for the first couple of days, that should not keep you from your normal daily activities such as reading and driving (just no sweaty workouts for a couple of days).

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