I’ve had my (brows/eyes/lips/etc.) done before by someone else and am just looking to get a touch up. What do you charge for your touch ups?

Touch up fees for existing JuvEssentials clients can be found on the Policies and Fees page here: https://juvessentials.com/policies-and-fees/

They do not apply to brand new clients who have already had previous work done elsewhere. This is because either so much of it has faded so that it’s not really just a simple touch up anymore or if there is corrective work that may be necessary before any new work can look aesthetically pleasing. Please keep in mind that I cannot guarantee that the work I do will look as good if I’m going over someone else’s work.

Eyebrow touch up needed
Faded eyebrow tattoos before touch up
Eyebrow tattoo touch up
New eyebrows after series of 2 touch ups