How do I choose the right technician?

Choosing the right technician depends on a number of factors that may be more important or less important for each client. The right technician for one client may not be the right technician for another. Therefore it’s always a good idea to shop around and do as much research as possible on any technician you may be considering. Hopefully they have an easy-to-navigate website that displays an extensive artist’s portfolio or one in the facility you an flip through in person so you can get a sense of whether or not their taste and style fits yours. (Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and so not everyone shares the same taste in makeup.) Check out all their reviews; if there are any negative ones, see if the technician was able to respond to show how they handle dissatisfied clients. When it comes to pricing, understand what you’re getting for that price (e.g., are follow up visits included?) and what are the touch up fees thereafter (all tattoos fade sooner or later so you will need to get touch ups if you want to keep those tattoos looking fresh). Does the technician work in a licensed facility? Are you able to get a consultation with the technician so you can assess how well you can communicate with each other? Can this person demonstrate his or her makeup skills on you to give you an idea of what your results can look like? Are you satisfied with the answers to any questions you have? Can you plan on and look forward to seeing this technician in the future for any touch ups you may need? Finally, a good technician will also be upfront about whether or not he or she can meet your expectations which will help determine if you’re a good fit.