Skin Care and Make Up-Products We Love

Skin Care and Make Up-Products We Love

A favorite among dermatologists, JuvEssentials and consumers alike, Youngblood Minerals are made of pure natural pigments that smooth fine lines and blemishes and allows the skin to breathe. The realistic skin tones and natural finishes of their powder foundations provide an all-natural sunblock and is so light that you won’t feel like you’re wearing makeup. Free of talc and other ingredients that can clog or irritate skin, these cruelty-free cosmetics contains no oils, chemicals, alcohol, artificial fragrances or dyes. Water-resistant and noncomedogenic, these products have a silky feel and impart a polished, radiant glow. Read about Youngblood Minerals in 7× Mineral Makeup Tips Everyone Can Use.Skin lightening mineral sunscreen

JuvEssentials also carries a variety of high-potency medical-grade skin care products from Lira and Osmosis as well as other popular specialty products such as @design makeup brushes, Blinc Mascara and Eyeliners, and Dr. Schrammek Blemish Balm.

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